1. Sign in to Google Developer Console.
  2. Under API Project (top left beside Google APIs) select Create project.
  3. Enter a Project Name, e.g. "smartVISU calendar" and click on CREATE.
    • Wait while the project gets created.
  4. Click on Calendar API under Google Apps APIs.
  5. Click ► ENABLE on top.
  6. Click on Create credentials on top right.
    1. Select Google Calendar API under Which API are you using?
    2. Select Webserver (e.g. node.js, Tomcat) under Where will you be calling the API from?
    3. Select User data under What data will you be accessing?
  7. Click What credentials do I need?
    1. Enter a custom name if you like, e.g. "My smartVISU".
    2. Copy & paste the following specific URI to Authorized JavaScript origins. Exact match is important!
    3. Authorized redirect URIs may be left empty.
  8. Click on Create client ID.
  9. Enter "smartVISU" for Product name shown to users and click on Continue.
  10. You will then see your Client-ID. Click on Download and save the file.
  11. Select this file here: If the fields client ID and client secret below don't get filled:
    Open the file, look for values of client_id and client_secret and enter them.
  12. Click on Authorize below.
  13. Log in if asked and click on Grant in opened window.
    • The popup window and this dialog should close afterwards. Authorization procedure is completed now.
  14. Don't forget to save the configuration page.